19. August 2018

After the fabulous result at Tours Speedway, where Kunz scored his very first top 3 result, he will write NASCAR history: Justin Kunz will be in Carlington, Canada on the 26th of August to compete in the American truck series (Chevrolet Silverado 250, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park). The 21-year-old is after Alexander Müller the second German, who will contest a race in the 3rd NASCAR League.

“A dream come true. An indescribable feeling that it is really happening now. I’ve had a long-lasting grin on my face for days” says the newcomer. He will be at the wheel of the second Chevrolet Silverado (# 0) of Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing.

The start was made possible not only by donations and sponsorship funds from the environment of Kunz, but also by team owner Cobb herself. Kunz explains: “It’s just unbelievable. I will give everything to go as far as possible. Jennifer believes in me and wants to fulfill this dream. I thank her and all my supporters who help me on this great journey”.

Cobb, who will also compete in the race, jokes in the lead-up: “My biggest challenge will be to explain to Justin how expensive our bodies are, even if they are minimally damaged.” The 45-year-old American from Kansas City has competed in 164 truck races over the past 17 years. Kunz “has everything on and off the track” to succeed in Mosport. “If I did not believe in him, I would not have invited him to this race.”

Kunz will travel to the USA for a seat rehearsal a week before the race. He looks forward to the days he will spend with Cobb and their truck team before the race. “I will start without pressure and try to make the most of this opportunity. It is also important for me to make contacts there in order to build something bigger. “

The German is walking on the paths of his Euro-NASCAR colleagues, who have also made it from Europe to the United States. While Alon Day has made guest appearances in both the NASCAR Cup and the Tuck and Xfinity series, Anthony Kumpen and Anthony Gandon have participated in Xfinity series races. Kunz is the fourth NASCAR Euro Series driver to start one of the three major NASCAR leagues. Kunz is currently racing for the NASCAR Euro Series for Racing Total, where he will participate in both the ELITE 1 and ELITE 2 championships. Currently he is 15th in the NASCAR Euro ELITE 1 division and 11th in the ELITE 2 division.

Justin Kunz with Jennifer Jo Cobb (@NASCAR Whelen Euro Series/Stephane Azemard)
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