3. July 2018

The past race weekend in Tours (France) was a very special one for Justin Kunz. Thanks to the good work of everyone in the team, he had a top car during the Oval World Challenge, with which he finished 3rd in the Elite 2 qualifying. A very good sign! Even though it was a very exhausting weekend that demanded everything of him (35 degrees outside temperature and 70 degrees inside the car) there was reason to celebrate on Saturday night: In the Saturday race of the elite 2 Kunz went to namely on the podium for the first time in NASCAR! So often, the youngster was already close to it and was kept away by unfortunate conditions. But this time he was finally rewarded for all the hardships: he landed on the second place! So, he is the first German on the podium in the NASCAR. The knot has finally burst!

“I am very grateful to my team for this moment of happiness that I really needed. Everything is possible and sooner or later the first victory will be achieved, “said Kunz happily and hopefully after this great success.

Unfortunaly, in the Sunday race of the Elite 2 Kunz was again involved in a crash that caused his differential in smoke and he had no more propulsion. But the positive outweighs this magical weekend. Now he has an offer for a race of the 3rd Nascar League in the United States, which will take place on August 26, 2018 at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. To accept this offer and to be able to start there, he needs 30 000 euros. Justin Kunz now hopes for the support and help of future sponsors.

@Regina Riedel
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