12. June 2018
In the career of any aspiring racer, there are probably phases in which just nothing wants to run. In this situation also was Justin Kunz, if you considered the previous season. A season that does not seem to be under a good star so far.

Kunz and his team went to England last weekend for the big American Speedfest at the Brands Hatch Circuit. On Friday, right at the beginning of the training, a problem with the steering occurred. The team could fix this until the end of the 3rd training session, but this meant that Kunz could drive only a few laps in the fourth (and last) training session. So there was very little time left for him and the team to tune the car perfectly, also to set it up properly.
Due to this not optimal set-up they could only qualify on Saturday morning for starting position 23 in Elite 1 and 11th in Elite 2. And it continued to grow through, this Saturday. In the first Elite 1 race, there was little time to overtake due to some safety car phases; the result was 16th place. In the following Elite 2 race, after a few laps, something broke on the shift linkage, which prevented the driver from switching to 3rd and 4th gear. This race was over.
Also on Sunday they were mercilessly caught up again by the lack of training time on Friday, which is the reason why Kunz only came in 16th place in the second Elite 1 race. And since he was unable to finish the first race the day before due to the broken gear lever, he had to start in the second Elite 2 race from far behind (from 26th place). Fortunately, there was a first, small ray of hope: despite the poor starting position Kunz managed to drive up to the end to 12th place.

Of course, his fighting spirit has not been lost through these unfortunate incidents. The support of his team, his fans and his friends encourages him to keep fighting and confidently looking towards the Oval World Challenge, which will take place on 30 June and 1 July 2018 in Tours.

@Achim Wilhelm
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